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Fuck it

I'm still gorgeous

Zahir al~Dawud
The Anomaly
ENTPs are known for their quest of the novel and complex. They have faith in their ability to improvise and to overcome any challenges that they face. They are highly independent, and value adaptability and innovation. They may be several steps ahead of others in encouraging and valuing change. They hate uninspired routine and resist hierarchical and bureaucratic structures that are not functional. They need freedom for action.

· The Joker @ villainy_stamp
Werewolf of Mythical Creatures
Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights of Gothic Lit Villains
Severus Snape @ hp_ratings
Ludovic Bagman @ hh_stamping
Matched with Nymphadora Tonks *bow chika wow wow*
Squibbed @ sorting_elite for excessive fanboying of Snape *smiles innocently*
Slytherin @ hogwartsishome
Begbie @ trainspotting1
Graverobber @ repo_stamp
· The HP Family pansy parkinson ·lily evans-potter ·
fenrir greyback ·
narcissa malfoy ·mundungus fletcher
· Personal quote: "Yes, I have been to Afghanistan. Yes I saw camels.
· Tens of thousands of fucking camels."

I couldn't figure out what to put here, so I let my friends at sf_drama do it for me:
"some kind of genius at being a disgusting dismissive creep"-heddychaa

"arrogant fucking douchebag"-lookninjas

"...almost too stunned by this fuckery to be mad..Seriously, I don't even know what's happening...right now, although I'm pretty sure there's some blatant fucking lying happening somewhere. Or in multiple spots. Hard to say."-lookninjas

"the worst kind of male ally, ugh.
Too bad the nominations are closed."-zoram

"pretentious AND classy, how could anyone deny your charms!"-leyse
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